製作一張真正的 DVD MP3 光碟, Audio Dvd Creator 介紹

Audio DVD Creator v1.87多國語言版(含繁體中文)
Audio DVD Creator allows you to create Audio DVDs, that can be played on any DVD player.
Using the DVD format allows you to burn thousands of MP3 files on a single DVD, or combine
several (5-6) CD albums into a single DVD disc. The program converts your files to DVD-Video
compliant format, so to your DVD player, it looks like a movie and is played as such. There
is a default background image that will be displayed throughout the playback, and you can
replace it with your own. Audio DVD Creator lets you choose the audio format from high
quality (up to 6 hours PCM 48kHz/16bits) or high quantity (up to 45 hours AC3 192kbps).
Additional features include integrated burning, CD ripping, PAL and NTSC support.
1.87 (11/27/2004)
**New: A new Image-library was introduced to support images handling better.
**New: Ability of changing the font name and font size in custom themes.
**Fixed: Some problems of "Add Music Files".
**Fixed: Add audio files to the project as the order of your selecting in "Automatically".
**Update: France, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Finnish and Estonian language.

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